When your child grows up, he or she begins to learn about the world. The first stage of learning is your apartment. The various games and running around are a real joy for him, but a great worry for parents. After all, there is a risk of injury at every corner. For this reason, families need to figure out how to minimize the risks and visit https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/interior.

Dangerous corners and furniture

When making a children’s room, consider that furniture should have rounded corners, high stability and lightweight storage chambers. All of this is available at any children’s store. But the main problem is the rapid growth, which will sooner or later take the child outside his room. Here’s what you can do for more security. 

The child will clearly be interested in a closet or shelving unit as a place to play. It is good if they are securely attached to the wall. Floor storage systems are best lifted, replacing, for example, wall-mounted.

Glass inserts should be abandoned. Or choose those that are made of glued glass. 

To avoid falling off the bed, you should buy a removable edge that can be fixed under the mattress. 

Drawers and wires

Many people store household chemicals or cleaning supplies downstairs. Take care to relocate them higher up. Well, or put locking doors. Keep medicine cabinets, cosmetics or perfumes, and electrical appliances out of the child’s reach. Place the TV on the wall, and computer units and laptops away on high shelves or tables.


Of course, the child should not have even a hypothetical opportunity to climb on the window sill. But if there is a chance, consider special mosquito nets mounted on metal pins (ordinary netting will not do!).

On the balcony, you should install a grid in the form of a “safety gate”. It will also help in a private home on the stairs.

What else?

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Don’t forget things like:

  1. Plugs on outlets that will prevent them from becoming an object of attraction and children’s attention;
  2. Handle covers on the gas stove are needed to prevent a child from twisting them on their own;
  3. A special protective screen on the gas cooker to prevent burns;
  4. A rubber mat in the bathroom and a protective lock on the faucet to avoid falls and changes in water temperature;
  5. The children’s room should have soft and non-slippery flooring. For example, soft cork, carpeting or carpet tiles.

To summarize

The birth of a baby is a huge blessing and a lot of stress. To ensure his own safety and peace of mind, parents must take care and eliminate risks in their apartment.