How much do you think it costs to renovate a new building? Despite the fact that the apartment is new, repairs can cost a pretty penny. Not ready to spend now? There are a few easy ways to save money on renovations.

First, do the repairs yourself with You do not have to pay hired workers, which saves a lot of budget. However, first you should objectively assess your strengths. Perhaps some types of work are difficult for you, and for them it is better to invite professionals. Otherwise, you will pay much more for the alteration later.

Secondly, if you still decide to invite a repair team, then you can independently carry out preparatory dismantling work: remove old wallpaper, paint, tiles. Thus, you can save from 10 to 30% of the total cost of the entire repair.

Thirdly, you can significantly reduce the cost of buying building materials:

Do not rush to buy everything in the first store you come across. It is necessary to examine several outlets, compare prices. It is good if these are building hypermarkets or markets where there is a large selection.
Do not discount the domestic manufacturer. Many Russian companies produce decent materials, which are not inferior in quality to foreign counterparts, but at a much cheaper price.
Consult with experts. They will tell you what materials and where it is better to purchase. This will save you from spending extra money on unnecessary materials and equipment.

Fourth, you can make repairs out of season. The most “stagnant” time for construction teams is winter. That is when prices can be reduced by up to 40%. Why not saving?

Fifth, keep repair books. Be sure to record all expenses. This will help you control the financial side, draw up a plan and estimate for repairs. Remember that only you are responsible for your budget.

Follow these tips, save your budget and do repairs wisely.