Major repairs in the apartment involves replacing all old coatings for new, including the installation of a new floor and the use of The construction materials market offers a large number of modern floor coverings. How to choose the best option? Let’s understand what materials there are in general, what are their distinctive features.

There are 5 main types of floor coverings designed for living quarters:


They are made of hardwood. This is the reason for the high cost of the material. It is a great option for the living room or bedroom, because this flooring has a unique texture, elegance and beauty.

Parquet requires special care:

  1. Because of temperature changes and high humidity, it deforms.
  2. From time to time it should be treated with a special lacquer and sometimes restored.


Due to the wide range of colors, this finishing material can be used when repairing a variety of interiors. It imitates the texture of a tree, but it is much cheaper than coverage of natural materials. Laminate is unpretentious in care, durable, wear-resistant. The only thing you should remember when using this flooring is that laminate gets damaged by too much moisture.

Poured flooring

Used for finishing not so long ago, but has already established itself as an excellent material for leveling and decorating the floor. Poured floor can put a 3D-paint, which will give your apartment a special style and personality.


This is the material for decorating the floor in the kitchen and bathroom. It is not afraid of high humidity, temperature fluctuations, so it is simply indispensable for such premises. A large variety of colors gives room for the implementation of design ideas.


Due to the fact that you can choose the color, texture and thickness of the material, it is easy to find a variant for all rooms in the apartment.